"Anche se non ti amo più, credo di dover ammettere che, in ogni caso, eravamo perfetti insieme. E avresti dovuto pensarci bene: avresti mai trovato un’altra come me? E non intendo nel senso fisico o caratteriale, ma proprio una come me, una che ti ami come ti ho amato io, con tutti i miei pianti e l’autodistruzione, il mio scrivere sempre lettere che non ti ho mandato mai, il mio pensarti fino a notte tarda, vivere i tuoi ricordi nella mente mentre mi corrodevo l’anima.
Ho lasciato tutto per te. Non m’importava più di niente, nemmeno di me stessa.
Ho persino cominciato a pensare che senza di te non avrei potuto vivere. Ma ci pensi? Addirittura, non avrei vissuto senza di te?
Sai una cosa? Adesso non posso dire di star bene, perché ci sono ancora giorni in cui penso al “vecchio te”, quello di cui sono ancora innamorata.
Ma tu non sei più quel ragazzo e io, dopo tanto tempo, ho smesso di amarti.
Ho capito solo ora che non ami una persona dopo tutto quello che ti ha fatto. Ami la persona di prima, quello che ti ha fatto provare prima di farti star male, e tu non dici di amarlo ancora perché te ne stai lì a ricordare i bei momenti piuttosto che alle volte in cui ti ha fatto sentire uno schifo. Ed è normale, lo capisco.
Ma ci sono momenti in cui bisogna dire basta. Iniziare a vivere la propria vita, andare avanti per quanto difficile possa essere e, finalmente, sorridere e amare ancora, incondizionatamente. Perché amare non è sbagliato. Perdersi per qualcuno, è sbagliato. Autodistruggersi a causa di una persona, è sbagliato.
E adesso, per quanto io pensi quanto bene mi hai fatto, non posso più lasciar perdere il dolore che mi hai procurato.
Eravamo la perfezione, ma la perfezione non esiste."

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I have been sitting at my computer for a while now thinking about the boys. Thinking back to the day I first started liking them. Thinking back to when I started to become a fan. Thinking over the years of what they’ve accomplished for themselves, and what they’ve helped me accomplish. And I can’t even form words to explain how thankful I am and how helpful they’ve been for me. I discovered these boys in the early spring on 2011. It was a weekend, a Saturday afternoon, and I had heard their song (what makes you beautiful) on the radio. So I went home and looked them up on YouTube them, and of course the countless video diaries and x factor performances came up. That day from like 3pm-2am I watched all of their videos. And all I felt the entire time was pure joy, I was so happy, they made me so happy. As the year went on I became an even bigger fan, and I created an Instagram account just for them, then later my Tumblr account, and now I have a twitter and vine account for them as well. I just remember that when I would come home from school I needed to watch their video diaries because it was the one thing that made me laugh. And in school, I would listen to their songs, and I physically could feel all the muscles in my body relax and I felt at home. As years went on and things got harder for me, they were the ones that kept me sane. School always made me stressed and overwhelmed, but when I would log onto my Tumblr account for them and everything would disappear because they were there. All five shinning faces smiling at me on my tumblr dashboard. Or in school when I felt like the world was crumbling, I would listen to their songs and everything would build itself back up again. They changed my world around, and I watched theirs change with mine. I have seen these boys go from somewhat famous, to the absolute biggest boy band in the world, and I wish I were lying when I said that I’m bawling my eyes out right now saying that. Seeing them grow, and watch their dreams come true is all I ever wanted for them when I first found out about them. Watching them perform and seeing their smiles is like the best thing in the world. And I know people use that reference a lot, but seriously seeing them up on stage doing what they love brings so much joy to me I can’t even explain it. I wish I was one of those fans who could say that they’ve met them, or that they’ve been to concerts for them, but I am not because I haven’t. But I honestly don’t care because I don’t love them any less, I just am happy that they have their fans. Because through this fan base I have made so many friends that I would’ve never made. I don’t think I could cope without being a fan of them, and I don’t know what I’d be without them. I don’t really know why I wanted to write this whole long thing out about my love for these 5 crazy boys, but it’s been four years now and their journey is still going and it just made me think back. Because this journey not only for them, but also for me to has been the best years of my life. And I get to continue watching the 5 loves of my life continue to smash records, achieve their dreams, make history and I couldn’t be any happier sitting back and cheering them on. So thank you for bringing me on this incredible journey with you boys, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Congrats boys, I am so proud of you that it hurts, happy four-year anniversary. 

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Where We Are Film Trailer


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Il respiro dei libri

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Tutte da dedicare ad una persona pt. 2 ❤

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